Gender Quotas and Representation – Chad

Gender Quotas and Representation


The issue of women’s representation in politics remains unresolved. There is no law establishing quotas for women. It is true that the President encourages the inclusion of women on party candidate lists, but this remains lip service confined to political discourse and not translated into reality. The lack of a legal framework establishing parity or quotas makes it difficult for women to gain access to political office. Most political parties agree on the need to involve women in politics, but it is rare to find women in decision-making positions such as the President or Secretary General of a party. With some exceptions, women are generally present to garner support for political parties during political rallies. In some cases, they are in charge of social affairs or the mobilization of members. It should be noted that women are more active in civil society organizations. The Association of Women Lawyers of Chad in cooperation with the Female caucus of the National Assembly of Chad, have undertaken initiatives to improve the representation of women in politics.

To date, there are 28 women out the 188 members of the National Assembly. This is relative progress, in comparison to the last legislature where there were only 9 women. This is a significant step forward that needs to be consolidated in upcoming elections. The Political Parties Charter has promoted the role of women in politics as well. Article 54 mandates that 10% of the subsidies to political parties shall not be disbursed if the beneficiaries do not have elected women representatives.

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